Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I was accepted!!!!! :-D

Oh my gosh!!

This week is the best week ever. I just received the acceptance for an internship at Criticas magazine (sorry for the lack of an accent in Criticas, my tech ignorance won't let me do it). I can't wait to start working there. The editor I met last week, Carmen Ospina, carino. She was so sweet and helpful. She answered so many of my questions, and she even gave me her personal email address in case I have any other questions (she's leaving the office in a week and a half to work in Spain). I hope the rest of the office is just like that. I'll be working there on Fridays during the summer.

A few days ago I received an acceptance letter from the IRT Associates Program. They will help me with the graduate school application process, and will even pay most of the application fees. How awesome is that!!!!!!!!

Then a few weeks ago I got am acceptance email from the CUNY Pipeline Program. That program is superb. They will help me with my senior thesis and with my graduate school application program too.

It's so wonderful to know that my graduate school and book publishing prospects are starting to look up. I sort of hit a dry spell the last two years. I didn't get accepted to any of the dozens of internships and programs I applied to. But these three acceptance prove that if you're patient, you'll acquire something better than what you initially strived for. :o)


Suezette said...

This is awesome! I'm very happy for you!

Anonymous said...

yay. im so happy for you. <3tara

Mrs. S said...

Congrats Nena! I am soooo happy for you!!! Ur doing the dayum thing Sucia ... (High 5!)