Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Overdeveloped Teens and Disrespecting Males

Today, I had lunch at a Dominican restaurant with two good friends, V and E, after an early dismissal from a class. We ate the underpriced overfilled plates of arroz, habichuelas, y pollo gizado. And in that hour, we did the Latina thing: contar chisme three-quarters of the time. In between mouthfuls and gossip, we started talking about girls in the current generation and their early development. In other words, a lot of the young girls nowadays look older than the young women in my generation. I can't count the times I've met a high school freshman who looks older than me, a college student. Their chests bea my 34B out of the ballpark. V brought up the good point that one reason for the fast development is the hormones in fastfood. It's so true! When I pass by McDonald's, I only see teens in their stuffing their already full stomachs. When I'm in the train, there is always a teenager chumping away on some Lay's or Doritos. And all this fastfood has so many hormones and preservatives that the human body is not use to. We're supposed to be eating fruits, veggies, and meat (food from the earth or made by God's hands), not chemicals that the average Joe can't read.

Then E brought up the topic of men who say such disgusting pick up lines to women, especially to these overdeveloped girls. There's so many Latinos who say such perverse things to women because:
(A) they're mad that the targeted female hasn't succumb to his "charm"
(B) they actually think they'll get some a** by saying such private things.
E brought up the example of her neighbor, who's 15 and thick (therefore beats my pair of 34B). She's often harrased by these perverted men. Some guy even said "Come to me baby. I'll make you cum 5 times straight." Excuse my language but what kind of sh** is that!!!!! How can a grown man say that to a kid.

When E talked about her neighbor and the disrespect she gets from the men on her block, it brought back so many memories. There have been so many men who never let their age stop them from making inappropiate comments to a woman who can be their daughter or granddaughter. And when I defend myself, I'm called a puta. Now does that make any sense? I'm making it harder for them, and they're calling me easy.

"Girl, you better get some meat on them bones for me jump 'em."
"Oh girl. Keep on walkin' and I'll keep on lookin'"
"Psss. Pssss"

I especially hate the last one "Pss, Psss!" I want to say to every man (may he be Latino, Asian, European, white, or African) I AM NOT A DOG!!! I should not be called in such manner because the only time I hear people doing such a sound (outside of the pick up line setting) is when they're calling a squirrel or dog to feed it some scraps.

Now some women are okay with men saying things like that because "it lets us know that we're sexy." But ladies, we shouldn't need the opinion of men. We should be comfortable in our skin without any approval or disapproval from anyone, including the opposite sex.

For all you disrespecting males and women who know where I'm coming from, here's a poem for you:

“Quit Tryin’”

Mamita, why a hot thing like you is alone?
I’m not your mother.

You’re adorable.
Lier, lier. Pants on fire.

Your eyes are the stars illuminating my night.
Err. Please try again.

Your eyes are the diamonds forgotten in the mines.
Your skin is the gold illuminating the island you wish you can return to.
And your mind is the grains of sand in the beach we love to feel,
Imperfect yet stars longing for the tide.

I love you.

The words you say are like the stars in the sky,
Small in appearance,
Great in size.

Nigga, aint that a song?

You’re the cutest thing I ever did see.
Gee, I never knew I was like Fluffy.

Girl, you so sexy.
You make me want only you.


You’re beautiful.
Quit tryin’ to get some ass.


Shelley Halima said...

First of all, I have to say I think there's definitely a correlation between the hormones they inject into the animals that end up on the kitchen table. Young guys and girls look so much more mature these days. I saw a picture of a boy recently and at first glance I thought he was eighteen or nineteen and he was only fourteen.

It's disrespectful that men like this talk to any female in this manner much less those in puberty. It's so disgusting! And for the woman who are flattered by a man making crass comments to them - if they had respect for themselves they'd find no glory in disrespect from others.

It's one thing for a guy to say, "Hey beautiful!". but a whole different thing to say, "I can make you cum five times!"

Mrs. S said...

That is so true Cynthia, these men out here can be their fathers and they are out there carrying on like lil' teeanage boyz ... terrible! Tks for sharing this post w/everyone, I think it will help to open up the minds of other Latina's who get harrassed like that and give them the courage to say "No Mas!"

Ann Castro said...

Very interesting reading. however, not all the young females out there are big because they eat fastfood or unhealthy. My nena is 12 an already wears a sixe 38b bra. I am big breasted too. But one good thing about my nena is she is really private about her body to the point that if i were to walk in the room an she was changing she covers up. she also does not wear low cut shirts or tight jeans. she doesn't even wear shorts in the summer.

afro_rican01 said...

I love it when women...real women realize that the opinion of men is not a necessity. Being sexy is not a necessity especially if it’s for someone who doesn't love you for you. Anyways great post, keep it up.