Saturday, May 20, 2006

The DaVinci Code

So I saw the DaVinci Code on Opening Night with my brother and my boyfriend. Wow! I've never seen AMC so packed. There was a line of about 60 people to enter the actual theater. WOW! It's a good thing that we went early. We arrived about an hour before show time. Other DaVinci fans weren't as lucky. A girl actually got an usher to help her move a guy, who REFUSED to move because he didn't want to sit next to a stranger. Well, tough noogies for him because his girlfriend moved for someone else and he ended up sitting next to a stranger. So HA!!! to that stranger.

The movie itself was great. I really liked it. A lot of the knowledge I gained in high school (I went to an all girls Catholic school), finally went to use as I tried to figure out the Mary Magdalen mystery with Robert (the protagonist). It was so exciting and mysterious. It was just like CSI. :o)

But I have to admit that the a few things that struck me was that:
1.) There was a character called Teabing who looked just like Hugh Heffner. And don't get me started on his house. It looked more like a palace, and it looked like the Playboy mansion I saw at MTV's "Cribs."
2.) The characters are VERY wealthy. For example, Teabing took a last minute ride to London on his private jet. Who does that?!
3.)The DaVinci Code brings up conspiracies, scandals, and hypothesis that have been studied for so many decades. So I'm shocked that its content is seen as scandalous.


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