Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Soldiers in Iraq--Whats Not Seen

Sadly you won't see any of this on the news....

A Soldier petting a kitty.

Soldier teaching an afghan boy a high 5

Soldier with a letter.

Little Iraqi Kids that would come to the tower and beg for sodas.

Soldier helping a child.

Soldiers giving Iraqi children paper, pencils, glue, and crayons.

Iraqi girl with a beanie baby.

Soldier greeting Iraqi children.

Soldier playing soccer with an Iraqi boy.


Soli said...

These are beautiful pictures. It's sad we don't see more scenes like these. It also saddens me to know that as horrible as the images that the news shows us are, there are others worse than I could ever imagine. Looking into those smiling faces of children...makes it harder for me to watch the news.

Lu Soto said...

wow those are great pictures, now i'm sad.