Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Has the Latina Spectrum gone wangsta?

Has our beauty complex returned to the King Kong days? I was just thinking how there are no black (as in dark skinned) women in Latina magazines. The last and only black actor I've seen in a Spanish soap opera was in "Andres" and I was in junior high then (I'm a junior in college now). Do we value light, blond, and skinny over our natural round, brown, brunnettes? Do we reject the various shades and shapes in the Latino spectrum? Do we try to emulate a culture we're not?


Lu Soto said...

Very interesting topic, and you are right. I usually don't pay attention to Univision, or any novelas.

Anonymous said...

I am right there with you Cynthia! I personally feel as a Latina director and writer that I have a responsibility to change the face of televsion, film and litearture in any way I can. You should also check out chica luna at if you're interested in writing and activism. Let's talk more about this! Peace, Elisha aka E-Fierce