Monday, May 1, 2006

It is just cruel to be forced inside on a day like today. Fake illness! Leave, leave, youngins and seek thy sunshine!

Another gorgeous day in the city! I'm so happy that God is gracing the Big Apple with sunshine and wonderful spring weather. As some of you may know, New York will be blessed with great weather this entire week. Here's some places to go in the city in celebration of spring weather:

  • Central Park or any area in your neighborhood with trees
  • Brooklyn Bridge--deemed as the best makeout spot by several anonymous sources ;-)
  • Flea Market/ GreenMarkets, such as the Union Square Farmer's Market
  • Brooklyn Botanic Gardens--there's an awesome Cherry Blossom festival going on now
  • Coney Island
P.S. Don't forget your SPF. We love you even if you're burned, but I don't think you'll think the same of yourself. ;-)

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