Monday, May 1, 2006

A Day without Immigrants.

So today was the national walkout. I saw on the news the many protests across the U.S. and how many immigrants linked together as chains in this national demonstration against the new anti-immigration legislations in various neighborhoods in New York City. But I wondered where they were. I didn't see a single protest today. More importantly, there were no protests by Wall Street when I was in the area. I wish that these protests had made it to the fifth avenues across the nation (only a few workers skipped work today at the casinos in Las Vegas, and the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia were pretty quiet today) because disrupting the routines and wallets of the richie richs would definitely scream out the immigrant cause to the entire world.

Fortunately, some large cities, which are heavily populated by immigrants were not screaming out today. Chicago was surprised with a rally of more than 40,000 people on its streets. We will soon find out the outcome of this economic boycott. Meanwhile, this Latina will cross her fingers and toes that it'll be in favor of the illegal immigrants (may it be Asian, Latin American, African, any country outside of the U.S.) who slave in suffocating sweatshops, hot fields, and jobs that we as "citizens" would find demeaning because of our birth origin. Hopefully, we as Americans have to realize that this c ountry is comprised of immigrants. Every one is an immigrant or an offspring of one.

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Anonymous said...

Props to you my 'mana! We can make a difference and boycotting everthing yesterday just hit home how much of a consumer based society we are. Hoping all this helps, one step at time. Big ups, E-Fierce aka Elisha Miranda