Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Big Apple Recognition of Hispanic Writers

Críticas Magazine has recently written that a new literary group, Café New York, has been started to recognize Hispanic writers who have lived in New York City. Its members include Mexican writer Naief Yehya, Spanish novelist Eduardo Lago, Argentine writer and literary critic Sylvia Molloy, Bolivian poet Eduardo Mitre, Cuban novelist José Manuel Prieto, and its mastermind Mexican writer Carmen Boullosa. Lago would like to see members from both Latin American and Spain, or as he says, from “both sides of the Atlantic Ocean” to take part of this literary recognition.

Café New York plans to:

  • conduct readings and discussions at Librería Lectorum,
  • host an exhibition of New York Hispanic culture, and
  • place plaques in the New York homes of prominent Hispanic writers.
Café Nueva York will soon launch their website www.cafenuevayork.com, which will include blogs and information about their events.

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