Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Democrats are in the House. Does MTV care?

Those who have seen TV know. Those who have caught a glimpse of the headlines (online or print) know. Democrats have taken control of the U.S. House of Representatives. This change of political party affects every aspect of U.S. life. The Democrats can transform the Iraq operation, taxation, heath care to name a few.

Therefore, one would think that this big news would be blasted everywhere: the New York Times, BBC, BET, and MTV, to name a few. However, that was not the case. To my dismay, MTV News advertised Lil Wayne's new album in between snippets of Making the Band. While it is common belief that television programs are merely reflections of their audience, one must wonder if they also influence their viewers' ideas. For example, with the lack of political coverage made by MTV and the large number of teens and young women, who rely on MTV for entertainment and information, it is no surprise that I was the only young woman at the voting polls Tuesday night. It is crucial that TV networks aimed at young adults convey the current political landscape in the U.S. It is their obligation to show all news that pertains to them (teens wouldn't be happy if their doctor can't pop a zit due to the high cost of cortisone. Furthermore, if they take their responsibility as information origins, then Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin's fervor for the vote would not die with our parents.

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