Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Hispanic Heritage Month

Wow! Where has time flown? It seems like yesterday that I was trading in my school books for flip-flops. Now I'm buying books for this Fall semester. It's September! And besides a chill in the air and a prediction of falling leaves, there's plenty to celebrate. Among the many holidays, we Latinos have a whole month of celebrating our Caribbean-style dinners, our invention of the modern novel, and our fantastic sensuality in the Argentine tango. Amidst the festivities, here's a few reasons to love being Latina/o.

#1: "It's just our nature and our culture to embrace everybody around us and to incorporate everybody else's lifestyles into ours. And I think those are some vlaues that I was raised on as a Mexican American." ~~Eva Longoria

#2: "I see the new Latin artist as a pioneer opening up doors for others to follow. And when they don't open, we crowbar our way in." ~~John Lequizamo

#3: "How do I maintain my Mexican roots? How do you cut it out? Being Mexican---it's part of who you are. It's not something I question or work at. It just is." ~~Salma Hayek.

#4: "I'm Latin! I have a built-in advantage." ~~Erik Estrada, on dancing.

#5: "Being Latin parents makes us extremely expressive with our affections." ~~Gloria Estefan

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