Thursday, June 1, 2006

In the mood of the heat

So the heat affects people's temperament, especially in today's Big Apple, which is suffocating under a very humid and muggy 80 degrees. Grannies are cranky. Little kids seek cool solace in playground fountains. Couples bicker and later make love under the stars and winds of the night.

Today as I took the elevator in the train station, a woman suddenly called a man "estupido" (Spanish for stupid). Casie and her "Me & U" song in my mp3 player muted the first half of the conversation. But I suspect that the woman told the man to stand further into the elevator because it couldn't close with him in the way. The doors of the elevator clossed, and we ascended to the ground floor. The stranger replied, and she replied. Soon she called him "estupido," and he defended himself, "I'm not a stupid man." Naturally, the other people in the elevator observed and heard this scene as if it were an argument in a novela. We smiled and laughed. Someone even said "Calm down. It's the heat pissing you off. " And someone else replied, "Man, just give her un besiton (a little kiss) on the lips. That should calm her down."

Wouldn't it be sweet to have a cute stranger to soothe us with a steeming kiss. Next thing you know, your hand will creep towards the emergency stop button. ;)


Maria said...

hey babe... youre a great writer and you should really think about doing it for a living. i wanted to read you everyday story because it wasnt so everyday...bye bella miss you lots

Mary Castillo said...

I love these kinds of stories! Keep them coming!


Jessica said...

I liked this a lot. It made me crave the city heat.

tai said...

very nice it makes me miss my visits to ny =(