Saturday, June 24, 2006


I checked my email today and I noticed that I received some interesting comments on my blog. To my surprise, I actually have some haters. It's remarkable how some people will insult me and hide themselves behind the "anonymous" veil. And it's shocking how someone will insult another without knowing them. How ignorant a person can be!! I'd like to say to whoever is smudging my blog with their lies: I'll still be blogging :) much to your dismay.

And for all those who have been loyally reading my blog. Thanks for the support. Each one of your comments means a lot to me.



Anonymous said...

The ones you say they hate you really love you
im a hater

Gustavo said...

...that, and the fact that these nameless cowards have nothing intelligent to contribute; therefore, they vent their frustration through negativity. Honestly, it probably took them 20 minutes, or so, to come up with two lines of jealousy.

Keep doing your thing.

Camy Tang said...

I guess people have nothing better to do that troll around. JA Konrath talked about trolls in his blog post, too.

As a writer, you know you've got a freaky story idea from this, right?


Anonymous said...

Listen...You think I'm a hater...when you know very well how many times you have used other peoples phrases, ideas and looks(including mine) as your own and you call yourself original. You need to check yourself. I thought you were a nice person until I noticed what a copycat you were. There's nothing to love about you!

Priscilla Princess Of The Desert said...

Hey Chica..I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blogs..keep it know your onto something when people start up with their negativity..but those who enjoy your work is what matters most..